Sunday, 20 November 2016

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal - C3, the second teaching/learning activity with students

  "There are places that we will never forget because you left there a part from your soul..." said one of our students, returning from Portugal.
   In 7-11 November 2016 took place the second activity with students, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

  Students participated to lessons, finding information about Douro River, learned about river legends, took part to a competition between students, playing the quiz game.
 The little mascot The Brooklet was passed to the Portuguese team.
 - Welcoming the students -  every country presented an important figure for the city
 -  knowing some places by the river - The Douro Estuary - Local Nature Reserve of Douro Estuary, a protected area that has already registered more than 200 bird species and where you can see half of the bird species of continental Portugal., the mouth of the Douro River when flowing into the Atlantic Ocean
-  Students will attend a debate and they will take part to the lessons together with their teachers.
- visiting  Serralves - The Museun of Contemporary Art
- visiting  the Douro Museum in the middle of the mountains, in Peso da Régua
- presenting our project to the City Hall, counting on their support by implementing our project
- presenting our six movies with old customs on our rivers ( one of the results of our project)
-Historical presentation of the river Douro by teacher dr. Jorhe Morais Barosand  After the presentation, students will visit the Douro River, understanding its geographyc and historical role.
- A little trip knowing the beauty of the Vila Nova de Gaia, situated near to the Atlantic ocean. Knowing the ocean, students will understand the water roads, that smaller rivers flow into larger rivers and then into seas and oceans, so the ideas and beliefs of people gather and form consciousness and collective memory.


  1. This is a wonderful step that promotes interest and knowledge among the students. It will help them in having hands on experience with the projects and work in collboration with students from other countries.

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