Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Multiplier Events

 The Multiplier Event for O1 - The study of the rivers

7 June 2017, Suceava Romania

May 31, 2017 Correggio, Italy

The Multiplier Event for O2 - CLIL+ Methodology

June 31 2017, Navalcarnerro, Spain

 June 9, 2017, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Multiplier event in Poland was organised at our school on June 9 to share the intellectual output of the project- “CLIL+” with a wider audience. We had 45 guests from schools in the region. They were teachers and headmasters from both billingual and non billingual schools as well as the representatives of teacher training institutions. Every participant was given a copy of CLIL+ book and other materials such as copies of exercises which billingual teachers use in their subjects. Our event was divided into three parts. In the first one we explained what CLIL is and  we presented our publication “CLIL+ book”. After a short break we carried out a live biology lesson including  methodological comment of a teacher trainer. Finally we shared examples of CLIL activities that teachers do at Maths, Geography, Chemistry and History classes. We carried out a survey at the end of the conference and got a very positive feedback from the audience. We hope that by explaining the idea behind CLIL methodology and providing examples of good practice more teachers will be encouraged to take the effort of carrying out CLILclasses for the benefit of students. 

Suceava, Romania - the last transnational meeting, C4-activity with students

Suceava, Romania 15-19 May 2017

Learning /teaching/training activity

Day 1:
-          Official welcoming of teachers and students at the school auditorium.
-          Students will give their presentations of the page of the common story
-          Students will present their echological messages from the Brooklet mascot
-          Visiting  the school facilities
-          Visiting Marginea for a black pottery workshop
Day 2:
-          students attended to Biology and Geography classes
-          students sang the water songs in native language and explained in Englisg the message of the song.
-          playing the board game ”No offense, bro!” – the game created the entire team of the project
-          visiting the Painted Eggs Museum from Vama and the Voronet Monastery
           Day 3
          -  students attend to History, Chemistry, classes
          - presenting the legend magazine – reading and discussing every legend of the river
         - workshops – artcraft Erasmus+ Cities On Rivers

        Day 4:
         -      attending to classes for students and teachers
-          visiting the Bucovina Village Museum – taking part to a workshop of painted eggs
-          visiting the  Suceava Fortress

        Day 5:
 -    attending to a lecture about Suceava Rivers, sustained by the profesor Ionut Cristea  at Suceava University
-          visiting the History Museum of Suceava
-          outdoor activities on the banks of the Suceava River – ecology, songs and games