Saturday, 21 January 2017

The board game ”No offense, bro!”

The digital version of the board game ”No offense, bro!” 

   If you want to play the board game ”No offense, bro!”, you can click the link above. After this, press PLAY and it will appear a GAME PIN.
REMEMBER: the game cannot be played alone!!! You must wait at least one player.

Next stept is that students just type on there mobile phones or tablets and enter the GAME PIN that teacher will tell the whole class. There is no need that students log in... just type the PIN that teacher told them! Then the students begin to play the game on their tablets, seeing only the three options to answer,  while, teacher will manage the game on the video-project, reading the question and tell the students to color of the answer.    For right and quick answers, students will  gain some points. It will win the student that will have the most points.