Sunday, 20 November 2016

Navalcarnero, Spain - the training activity with teachers

     Between 6-10 June 2016 had took place C2 - the training activity with teachers, in Navalcarnero, Spain.
5 teachers from every country, except Italy were was only 2 teachers, took part at the training activities during 5 days at Instituto de Educasion Secundaria Carmen Martin Gaite.
   The main goal of our meeting was to work together at our Intellectual Output 2, the CLIL+ methodology, but first, to be trained in CLIL methodology combined with ESL method, used in this high school.
  Before this meeting we have already worked at 8 lesson plans ( 4 from Spanish school and 4 from Poland school), teaching this 8 lessons in our schools, adjusting them at the level of our students and our curricula. Trying to use English vocabulary at our classes, some lessons were doubled by the second teacher - the English teacher, the 2 teachers working in pairs.

- promoting CLIL (content languages integrated learning) between partners
- obtaining feedback from partners on how to conduct bilingual lesson by lesson plans prepared by the bilingual school's  Spanish and Polish, and work on their improvement
- learning a new method -The Gamification
- get in contact with Spanish educational system and compare the systems in force in the partner countries
-Integration intercultural teachers to create networking opportunities with teachers of related subjects and exchange of experiences
- encourage teachers to reflect on the teaching methods used
- considering  the importance of modern technology in today's education
Course of the meeting:
-observation of bilingual lessons
-preseting our project to the city authorities, counting in their support
- presentation of the method of "gamification"
-visiting the spring of the Guadarrama River
-presentation of methodology CLIL
- Work in teams: evaluation and modification of lesson plans
-evaluation project progress


  1. Good post, I really like the idea of having training activities for teachers as it allows them to brainstorm and come up with ideas to bring innovation in their teaching. Thank you for sharing it with us

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