Thursday, 31 August 2017

Suceava, Romania - the last transnational meeting, C4-activity with students

Suceava, Romania 15-19 May 2017

Learning /teaching/training activity

Day 1:
-          Official welcoming of teachers and students at the school auditorium.
-          Students will give their presentations of the page of the common story
-          Students will present their echological messages from the Brooklet mascot
-          Visiting  the school facilities
-          Visiting Marginea for a black pottery workshop
Day 2:
-          students attended to Biology and Geography classes
-          students sang the water songs in native language and explained in Englisg the message of the song.
-          playing the board game ”No offense, bro!” – the game created the entire team of the project
-          visiting the Painted Eggs Museum from Vama and the Voronet Monastery
           Day 3
          -  students attend to History, Chemistry, classes
          - presenting the legend magazine – reading and discussing every legend of the river
         - workshops – artcraft Erasmus+ Cities On Rivers

        Day 4:
         -      attending to classes for students and teachers
-          visiting the Bucovina Village Museum – taking part to a workshop of painted eggs
-          visiting the  Suceava Fortress

        Day 5:
 -    attending to a lecture about Suceava Rivers, sustained by the profesor Ionut Cristea  at Suceava University
-          visiting the History Museum of Suceava
-          outdoor activities on the banks of the Suceava River – ecology, songs and games 


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