Sunday, 17 April 2016

Bydgoszcz, Poland - the first teaching/learning activity with students

     Everything nice passes too quickly ... but remains beautiful memories, strong friendships that will last over the time and new skills obtained during this teaching/learning activities for 5 full days in Poland.

    Our project had proposed that our students develop and increase the European identity , pupils understood that we all share the same problems , we are citizens from different countries but we have just one stream of a larger river , which flows into the huge ocean. 
     During this week students developed European identity coming into contact with other students from European schools, learning to communicate in the same language, improving their communication skills, defeating emotions, connecting new friends.
    They was able to see the river from the host city, Brda River, noting that concerns about the environment are not only theirs, but is a common problem, because only together we can make our world a better place to live.
   During learning activities meetings , students was be able to know each other better, they made friends in real life , not only in the virtual . They came into direct contact with the culture of the partner countries, was able to directly experience the educational system in each country, teachers taught a lesson, guest students attended classes together with school students.
  Also, the students worked together on the project's intellectual outcomes, learning from each other, each sharing his abilities for a common purpose. They improved the communicative competence in English through real practice , and the use of the language to carry out a wide range of activities which help them in the acquisition  process, both of language and culture focused on the environment. 

   Students returned from learning activities will present to the other school students the knowledge gained through discussions during classes, power-point presentations to other members of the project team, made the team reports. Also it will be applied a questionnaires to the students returned from the mobilities, concerning the impact, expectations and their fulfillment.

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