Saturday, 5 March 2016

O2 - CLIL+

Here it is our final product, our Intellectual Output 2, the CLIL+ methodology!

  ESL teachers and content teachers will design and plan individual lesson plans and task-based activities with the focus on content as well as on ESL acquisition to create what we have termed a CLIL+ lesson plan. It's known that CLIL focuses on content and ESL methodology teaches languages through cross-curricular and cultural contents. The idea is to combine both of them creating lesson plans and/or individual activities using the best of all worlds. It will be involved next subject: Geography, History, Chemistry and Biology  We will set the objectives (linguistic, non-linguistic and cross-curricular) adapted to our students command of English and their knowledge of the world and other curricular subjects, we'll fix the outcomes, resources, monitoring measures and assessment criteria for each activity so that their successful fulfilment is guaranteed.
The two bilingual partners (Polish and Spanish school) are leading the development of this activity, providing advice and supervision and gathering all the data to accomodate and produce each lesson plan/ task-based activity. Each partner will form a group with at least one ESL teacher + one content teacher (following the programme of this project.

With the contributions of all partners, through their real experience during the implementation and follow-up of these activities, adjustments will be made to the lesson plans. Once all the information and materials are gathered each under the guidance of the Bilingual teams, each partner will spread and distribute them in their countries through their educational authorities, school and the website, eTwinning and online platforms of this project.


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