Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The description of the project

            This project achieves the goal of connecting cultures and opening new horizons for students, just as the goal of Erasmus+ project. However, what is interesting here is the approach and the means towards this goal, which is the river. This project sees the rivers not only as a geographical element but also as a cultural and historical element that is the essential building block of civilizations.
              The river is the connection between all project participants that flows through our city and connecting us all through an invisible thread - the network of rivers flowing into another river and becoming one, is like people although they live miles away drink the same pure and fresh water that unites and make us to be one, so different but so alike at the same time.
             Rivers cannot stay still, the rivers constantly go, carrying with them old stories from our ancestors and, also, carrying all the pollution made from miles away. We do not want to seem big words but great deeds. We know that we can move things in the collective consciousness of humanity and, just as smaller rivers flow into larger rivers and then into rivers and seas, so the ideas and beliefs of people gather and form consciousness and collective memory.
           The children will understand that the river is a witness in the history of our city, he can tell us everything he saw along time, battles that were given along its sides, since our ancestors until today. Most times, the river is the border that separates counties, regions, countries, he connects and separates the same time. 
           The beauty of the rivers has been described by great writers and poets, showing that river floats memories, that we should not think of smooth and shiny surface of the river, but rather deep and murky depths of his. We will try to feel and understand our river and to put on paper the deep thoughts of our students.
         So, the innovativeness of our project is complex and has a very strong, realistic and interesting approach towards cultural differences and connecting people, because the river become a pretext in order that our students spend more time outdoors, and for teachers to find new teaching methods other than classical, which will encourage the students learning by doing and playing.

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